The History of Recovery Partnership

Originally organized by an oversight committee in March of 1998 as Consumers Networking for Satisfaction (CNS), we were tasked with developing a new consumer and family satisfaction team to survey a large number of patients being discharged from Allentown State Hospital through a new Community Hospital Integration Projects Program (CHIPP II). In addition to these surveys, CNS was intended to incorporate as a mental health Consumer-run organization.

On February 2, 2001, Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Corporations Bureau,by founder Scott M Kiefer, legally establishing Lehigh Valley Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team, Inc. (LVC/FST, Inc.) as a Not-for-Profit corporation and on July 1, 2001, LVC/FST, Inc. received 501(c)3 tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Through the years that followed LVC/FST, Inc. continued to strengthen and mature, adding new programs and services such as a Drop-in Center and Peer Mentoring. As it became evident that we were no longer just a consumer/family satisfaction team, the decision was made to adopt a new business name. In November 2007, our organization filed paperwork to begin doing business as Recovery Partnership.

While our roots remain deeply embedded in the values and ideals of our original consumer and family satisfaction efforts and our standing as a community partner is solid, our view for the future is one of abundant growth.

Recovery Partnership was the recipient of the 2013 Star of Excellence Award for Most Innovative Program which recognized our dedication to promoting recovery and resiliency in the Lehigh Valley. In 2015 Recovery Partnership’s Reflections program was awarded the Recovery All Stars, Runs Batted In Award, recognizing the program for outstanding service and promoting clinical excellence.